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How to Choose a Tour in Punta Cana – Top 5 Ideas

Punta Cana touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea creating a perfect site for a getaway. The stretch of beaches with beautiful skies and clean waters offers an unforgettable thrill. It is important to acquaint yourself with the opportunities available in Punta Cana excursions and adequately prepare so as to maximize on the outing. There are several factors to consider when choosing to visit the Punta.

A budget is certainly the determinant feature while choosing the thing to do in Punta Cana. Availability of offers may enable increased activities at a lower cost. Always look for the best rates that allow for a broad range of products selection. Ask for complementary packages and discounted offers. Create enough time to relax and have the best nature can give. There are several activities to be done in the day depending on one’s availability whether partial or full day. Usually, the more time, the merrier.

Water Activities

The choice for wet activities offer a chance to either to meet with the marine animals or just ride on the water.

Snorkeling with the sharks or dolphins provide a wild and exciting experience.


You could also sail on a glass bottomed boat enjoying the site of the colored fishes that will keep you captivated. Natural swimming is a wonderful way to unwind and an opportunity to bask in the sun while enjoying the tropical sunlight and the soothing melodious music.

Bavaro Splash

Again, you can combine exploration with relaxation the reef explorer excursion. To maximize your thrill, embark on the sea adventure with speedboats. The Bavaro splash allows you to race in the expansive Puntana beach enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and the marine life. Later, a plunge in the spectacular reflective waters and coral reefs spices the experience of the stunning beaches. Take an adventure on the Snuba, where you explore under the water with a pipe enabled breather.

Land Activities

Dry activities can be enjoyed either on a safari or sightseeing.

Zipline – The Puntana Bay is synonymous with an exhilarating zip line that offers adventure over the forests of the region.

Hispaniola Explorer

Still, there is a whole day tour of Hispaniola island, where you witness the rich culture and heritage of the Dominican Republic. Here you will find the Famous Micheli Stadium, the home for the legendary Dominican baseball players. After that, you walk through the tropical gardens to the Archaeological Museum, then board a river boat along the Chavana River viewing the tropical environment and jungle. Then the Catholic Shrine of Basilica Cathedral as you wade your way home.

Bavaro Runners

Take a ride on a tour track in the vast Dominican countryside for a gulp of fresh air mixed with incredible natural scents and sounds. There you’ll enjoy the sight of cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane plantations. Then, riding on horseback, delve into the rich scenery of tropical forests and rural life of the Dominicans. There you will learn about growing tobacco to making the world-famous cigars. Conclude your day at the beach and enjoy the sunset at the private club.

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