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Punta Cana Nightlife – The Other Side Of Paradise

Punta Cana nightlife pulses from white sands, caves, pool sides, and luxury resorts, each with their own soul and distinct offerings. The tropical resort community serves as a swaying, strobe light oasis for travelers seeking more than relaxation from Punta Cana’s transcendent beaches. The smoky haze of quality cigars as you sip fine wines and sultry spirits in neon light provide only a glimmer of the full Punta Cana experience. Hot, vibrant parties, incredible music, karaoke, discos, and clubs provide the tropical escape of dreams. Small dance and music venues abound, but Punta Cana is home to the some of the world’s most unique and astounding spaces. We’ve cultivated three epic venues that are worth a trip to Punta Cana on their own:



Coco Bongo: Coco Bongo is an EXPERIENCE, plain and simple. Music and entertainment rages from this venue, always colorful and over-the-top, you can easily enjoy entertainment from pop sensations to acrobatics in the cloak of strobe light and confetti. Tickets cost a pretty penny, but are worth it! Think about splurging—you’re in paradise, why not—and reserve a VIP table for you and your glamorous troupe. Get dressed to the nines and revel in this ultimate dance haven!


ORO Nightclub: Music makes ORO tick. It’s only apropos because this venue is housed within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Ranked “Best Nightclub in Punta Cana,” this relatively new gem in the nightlife scene eclipses state-side iterations in Vegas and Miami. The venue touts unique fixtures like a two-story LED wall that serves as both a screen and light show and sumptuous furnishings that reflect the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana itself. This is primarily a dance scene and the favorite hub in Punta Cana for the world’s best DJs. Come to ORO to hear the sounds, become one with eurythmic beats, and sway with a hot, sexy scene.


Imagine a Nightclub: Draped in sensual blue light, nothing quite compares to the epic fusion of nature and music at Imagine Nightclub. Imagine begs you to “party at the cave.” A literal cave. Rather, a series of caves, interconnected and leading into wide, high-ceiling chambers that house some of Punta Cana’s best parties. The venue maintains four caves for various purposes. The Main Cave serves as the bar and hub for entertainment within Imagine. The Main Cave is where you’ll fuel up on liquid courage before becoming one with the pulse of the night. From there, you’ll be lulled by beats from The Sound Cave. This cave serves as one of the many dance locations within the club. Don’t like the beats? Move on over to the Universe Cave. The expansive Universe Cave often houses some of the world’s hottest music artists and DJs. Check their listings to see who’s playing! Lastly, The Premium Cave is for high rollers. This area is complete with bar and private seating, perfect for a sultry, intimate experience with your fellow party people!

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