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Tourist Card Punta Cana Airport

Tourist Card Punta Cana Airport If you’re planning a vacation to the sparkling beaches of Punta Cana, one of the most beautiful and visited areas of the Dominican Republic, you’ll very likely need to buy a tourist card after you land. A mandatory $10 (€10.00 for European visitors) tax to enter the country, the tourist Read More

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Punta Cana International Airport

The Punta Cana International Airport is by far the largest collection of terminals in the Dominican Republic. Providing quality air travel for over 6 million domestic and international passengers in 2016, the Punta Cana Airport offers direct flights from over 28 countries and 96 large cities around the world. The numerous and spacious terminals accommodate Read More

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Santo Domingo International Airport

Where is Santo Domingo? Dominican Republic Santo Domingo. To get around in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from the Santo Domingo Airport or other locations. Find cheap flights to Santo Domingo and the Santo Domingo wedding spots! Our Santo Domingo Airport Shuttle service which can take you to the Hilton Santo Domingo along with Alejandro Santo Read More

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