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How to Choose a Tour in Punta Cana – Top 5 Ideas

Punta Cana touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea creating a perfect site for a getaway. The stretch of beaches with beautiful skies and clean waters offers an unforgettable thrill. It is important to acquaint yourself with the opportunities available in Punta Cana excursions and adequately prepare so as to maximize on the outing. There are several factors to consider when choosing to visit the Punta.

A budget is certainly the determinant feature while choosing the thing to do in Punta Cana. Availability of offers may enable increased activities at a lower cost. Always look for the best rates that allow for a broad range of products selection. Ask for complementary packages and discounted offers. Create enough time to relax and have the best nature can give. There are several activities to be done in the day depending on one’s availability whether partial or full day. Usually, the more time, the merrier.

Water Activities

The choice for wet activities offer a chance to either to meet with the marine animals or just ride on the water.

Snorkeling with the sharks or dolphins provide a wild and exciting experience.


You could also sail on a glass bottomed boat enjoying the site of the colored fishes that will keep you captivated. Natural swimming is a wonderful way to unwind and an opportunity to bask in the sun while enjoying the tropical sunlight and the soothing melodious music.

Bavaro Splash

Again, you can combine exploration with relaxation the reef explorer excursion. To maximize your thrill, embark on the sea adventure with speedboats. The Bavaro splash allows you to race in the expansive Puntana beach enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful scenery and the marine life. Later, a plunge in the spectacular reflective waters and coral reefs spices the experience of the stunning beaches. Take an adventure on the Snuba, where you explore under the water with a pipe enabled breather.

Land Activities

Dry activities can be enjoyed either on a safari or sightseeing.

Zipline – The Puntana Bay is synonymous with an exhilarating zip line that offers adventure over the forests of the region.

Hispaniola Explorer

Still, there is a whole day tour of Hispaniola island, where you witness the rich culture and heritage of the Dominican Republic. Here you will find the Famous Micheli Stadium, the home for the legendary Dominican baseball players. After that, you walk through the tropical gardens to the Archaeological Museum, then board a river boat along the Chavana River viewing the tropical environment and jungle. Then the Catholic Shrine of Basilica Cathedral as you wade your way home.

Bavaro Runners

Take a ride on a tour track in the vast Dominican countryside for a gulp of fresh air mixed with incredible natural scents and sounds. There you’ll enjoy the sight of cocoa, coffee, and sugar cane plantations. Then, riding on horseback, delve into the rich scenery of tropical forests and rural life of the Dominicans. There you will learn about growing tobacco to making the world-famous cigars. Conclude your day at the beach and enjoy the sunset at the private club.

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Tourist Card Punta Cana Airport

Tourist Card Punta Cana Airport

If you’re planning a vacation to the sparkling beaches of Punta Cana, one of the most beautiful and visited areas of the Dominican Republic, you’ll very likely need to buy a tourist card after you land. A mandatory $10 (€10.00 for European visitors) tax to enter the country, the tourist card is levied by the government of the Dominican Republic. It applies to visitors, including Americans and Canadians, who do not need to go through the significantly lengthier process of obtaining a formal visa.

The tourist card is valid for 30 days and can be extended for an additional fee. Citizens of some countries, including Argentina and Chile, are exempt from this requirement; while, in contrast, residents of other countries need to apply for a visa. (For a full list of country requirements, consult this guide located on one of the Dominican Republic’s governmental websites:

While the vast majority of visitors buy their tourist card directly at Punta Cana Airport upon arrival, it is also possible to buy it in advance online. This is a little known option, but one that will make it significantly faster and more convenient to enter the country after you land, reducing both the amount of time and the amount of hassle you will have to deal with. If, on the other hand, you opt to buy the card at the airport, you will very likely need to wait a long time, as there almost always long lines to purchase the tourist card. (There are two lines; the first is to buy the tourist card, the second is to clear customs.) After a long flight, you’ll appreciate the time saved by bypassing the longer of the two lines!

Each tourist card purchased online has its own barcode, which can be easily and quickly scanned. This system also makes it easy to buy tourist cards for a family or any other group traveling together, as the cards are quite generic and not attached to particular names. Cards are valid for one year (from when they are purchased) and for single-time use. They are also available at various other entry points into the country, as well as in Dominican embassies and consulates abroad.

To purchase your tourist card ahead of time, just go to the website specifically set up by the Dominican government ( There, you’ll be able to check out using your credit card, and you will then receive your card by email as a PDF, which you can print before leaving.

When you arrive in Punta Cana, bypass the first line and give your pre-printed tourist card directly to the agent at the second line. You’ll save time and energy, and be able to make it to the beach much more quickly!

Punta Cana Nightlife – The Other Side Of Paradise

Punta Cana nightlife pulses from white sands, caves, pool sides, and luxury resorts, each with their own soul and distinct offerings. The tropical resort community serves as a swaying, strobe light oasis for travelers seeking more than relaxation from Punta Cana’s transcendent beaches. The smoky haze of quality cigars as you sip fine wines and sultry spirits in neon light provide only a glimmer of the full Punta Cana experience. Hot, vibrant parties, incredible music, karaoke, discos, and clubs provide the tropical escape of dreams. Small dance and music venues abound, but Punta Cana is home to the some of the world’s most unique and astounding spaces. We’ve cultivated three epic venues that are worth a trip to Punta Cana on their own:



Coco Bongo: Coco Bongo is an EXPERIENCE, plain and simple. Music and entertainment rages from this venue, always colorful and over-the-top, you can easily enjoy entertainment from pop sensations to acrobatics in the cloak of strobe light and confetti. Tickets cost a pretty penny, but are worth it! Think about splurging—you’re in paradise, why not—and reserve a VIP table for you and your glamorous troupe. Get dressed to the nines and revel in this ultimate dance haven!


ORO Nightclub: Music makes ORO tick. It’s only apropos because this venue is housed within the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. Ranked “Best Nightclub in Punta Cana,” this relatively new gem in the nightlife scene eclipses state-side iterations in Vegas and Miami. The venue touts unique fixtures like a two-story LED wall that serves as both a screen and light show and sumptuous furnishings that reflect the Dominican Republic and Punta Cana itself. This is primarily a dance scene and the favorite hub in Punta Cana for the world’s best DJs. Come to ORO to hear the sounds, become one with eurythmic beats, and sway with a hot, sexy scene.


Imagine a Nightclub: Draped in sensual blue light, nothing quite compares to the epic fusion of nature and music at Imagine Nightclub. Imagine begs you to “party at the cave.” A literal cave. Rather, a series of caves, interconnected and leading into wide, high-ceiling chambers that house some of Punta Cana’s best parties. The venue maintains four caves for various purposes. The Main Cave serves as the bar and hub for entertainment within Imagine. The Main Cave is where you’ll fuel up on liquid courage before becoming one with the pulse of the night. From there, you’ll be lulled by beats from The Sound Cave. This cave serves as one of the many dance locations within the club. Don’t like the beats? Move on over to the Universe Cave. The expansive Universe Cave often houses some of the world’s hottest music artists and DJs. Check their listings to see who’s playing! Lastly, The Premium Cave is for high rollers. This area is complete with bar and private seating, perfect for a sultry, intimate experience with your fellow party people!

Punta Cana Natural Secrets

Punta Cana Tips For Travelers

Whether you’re looking for a getaway or trip for the whole family Punta Cana is the perfect place for you! With lots of relaxation and pampering, Punta Cana offers amazing resorts, beaches, and attractions for everyone to enjoy. If you’re planning on visiting this island on your next holiday, here are some helpful Punta Cana tips to keep in mind.


While being in Punta Cana you’ll probably be spending lots of time under sun wanting a nice tan, however, no one likes an aching sunburn. The average temperature is is 80 degrees, so taking sunscreen with you is probably one of the most important things when going out in Punta Cana to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. No worries if you forgot to take one on the trip, many Punta Cana resorts have small convenient stores that you can purchase sunscreen from. If you plan on doing any underwater excursions, such as snorkeling, it is preferable that you chose a bio-degradable sunscreen to prevent any harm to the marine environment.


When it comes to finances, the official currency in the Dominican Republic is the peso. You can exchange your currency at your local bank or at an official exchange kiosk right there in Punta Cana. Most places in Punta Cana do accept American dollars, however, you may not get the best exchange rate. If you prefer to exchange your American dollars in Punta Cana, your hotel might have better rates than the local restaurants and shops.


Punta Cana is known for being one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean, and most tourists feel comfortable wondering out of their hotel zone. However, some petty theft may still occur here and there. To prevent this, pay attention and take care of any valuables you take with you, never leave anything behind or unattended. Another helpful tip is traveling in groups to have more safety and protection.


It is very important to keep hydrated, but previous travelers have had some water-related health concerns. It is important to prevent drinking tap water in Punta Cana, and just use it for showering and brushing your teeth. Always opt for bottled water or drinks.


If you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, the best way to get around Punta Cana is by foot and by car if you plan to explore the beautiful island. Buses usually run along the hotels, but because of their irregular schedules, they aren’t a reliable source of transportation. Hotels can usually call taxis for you, which is a good option if no other available transportation works for you.


When visiting Punta Cana it is a must to taste their delicious traditional meals. Some include the Dominican Republic’s staple meal, “La Bandera Dominicana”, a dish of white rice, red beans, and fried plantains. Most of the buffets and restaurants at your resort will provide the traditional Dominican Republic meals, but also some American, Italian, and French food if you don’t prefer to leave your comfort zone.


If you follow these tips, it is guaranteed that your stay in Punta Cana will exceed your expectations!

Helpful Hints For Dominican Republic Visitors!

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a repeat vacationer to the Dominican Republic, traveling to this Caribbean island is never short of fun adventure full of new discoveries and fresh experiences. When preparing for your vacation, you look forward to experiencing the surprise of great adventures, beautiful beaches, amazing culture and great cuisines. On the contrary, here are the unpleasant surprises you do not look forward to: health hazards, your security, aborted travel plans and currency issues. Arming yourself beforehand with insider tips can help you better plan your trip and enjoy your vacation.

Here are eight helpful hints to consider for your next vacation to the Dominican Republic.

1. Safe drinking water in Punta Cana
With all the fun filled activates, excursions and sun that Santo Domingo has to offer, you will certainly want to make sure you are adequately hydrated. Remember, it is generally advisable that you drink up to eight glasses of water per day. Because you are traveling to a different environment from what your body is accustomed to, the microbes in the Dominican Republic’s water may have adverse effects on your health. This is particularly so if you have a sensitive stomach. To this end, always make sure that you bring bottled water with you whenever you get out of your hotel, or at least have some money to buy one when thirsty. Never drink from tap water.

2. The foods
Dominican cuisines have strong African, European and local influences. Most dishes consist of chicken, fish, rice, yucca, beans and a variety of tropical vegetables and fruits. When in the Dominican Republic, do not shy off trying something new. If you opt to eat in restaurants, be sure to make your reservations well ahead of time. Most hotels and restaurants require this. In other words: when in the Dominican, do as the Dominicans.

3. Currency
Most places do accept the US dollar. So, unless you are considering venturing into non-touristy areas, you really do not need to convert your dollars into the local currency – pesos. Just be sure to carry smaller bills for convenience.

4. Calling home from the Dominican Republic
Even though you will be on holiday, chances are you will want to keep in touch with loved ones back home. While many options are available for calling home, some may be quite costly that others. Whether you will be making direct calls from your hotel or use a calling card, be sure to check the call rates beforehand. You may also want to check your provider’s international roaming rates, or use VoIP applications such as Skype and WhatsApp to call back home.

5. Things to do in Punta Cana
The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island in the heart of the Caribbean. It enjoys warm tropical climate all year round. As such, the Dominican Republic has something for pretty much everyone, from thrilling water activities like kayaking and snorkeling to high adrenaline sports like zip lines, or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches of Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. When choosing an activity, make sure you opt for one you will enjoy and that the amount of time you are going to dedicate to it will not interfere with your other plans for the day.

6. Swimming in the Caribbean Sea
As with any water bound activity, it is advisable to be safety cautious and aware of your surrounding at all times. Not all beaches have lifeguards, so sometimes is may be upon you to take care of your own safety. Be smart, follow the rules in place, check the local weather and sea conditions before venturing out. When you go for a swim, be sure to stay within the designated swimming areas.

7. Going outside your hotel
Generally, Punta Cana is a very safe city to visit with considerably low crime rate. In addition, there are always Tourist Police on patrol. However, just like with any tourist destination, always exercise caution when out of your hotel or resort. Avoid going to the beach at night, and if you have to, do not wander off far from your hotel. Also, stay in well-lit areas when going out at night.

The Dominican Republic has everything a vacationer would want for a memorable holiday – warm climate, sun, crystal clear water, great foods, white sands and amazing people. Like with the rest of the Caribbean people, Dominicans are quite relaxed and easy going. Things go really slow here and no one is ever in a hurry. After all, chances are you are taking your vacation in Punta Cana to get away from the hassles of life, rejuvenate, and even for a couple of days, forget about your worries and problems. So, relax. Enjoy the beaches, the sun, the people and the foods. Take heed of these helpful hints to ensure the perfect getaway in Punta Cana.

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